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Investor Relations

 We understand the importance of good investor relations management. We will always keep your investors informed and connected, and we'll make sure that the invaluable relationship between your business and your investor, or potential investor is nurtured.

We understand investor push back as well as start up and project challenges based on our own capital raising experience in portfolio companies, and have learnt the hard way what good investor relations should look like. Having been on the other side of the equation and worked with other capital raising firms, we understand the entrepreneur and the expectations and nuances of the investment management role.

Because of this, we make sure we manage all aspects of investor relations, focusing on critical investor concerns, we project manage investor briefings, and confirm the shareholders schedule meets the prospectus’ initial promise.

We aim to stay ahead of the curve and work with you to align both business-as-usual activities and investor needs.

Our experience matters when building investor confidence at the ‘ideas’ stage, and our extensive African experience of opportunities and challenges is invaluable.


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