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Investing in emerging market opportunities.


Our portfolio managers will work with high net worth individuals, accreditated retail and institutional investors in order to meet specific investment goals for the investor. In an already volatile marketplace across North America, Europe and in other markets, we strive to look for lucrative investments and specifically at greenfield opportunities primarily in Africa. In particular, our portfolio managers will focus on opportunities in natural resources, e.g. Oil, Mining and Energy, Agriculture, Commodities, Retail, Transportation and Technology. Investment vehicles include collective investment schemes, e.g. mutual funds, bonds, derivatives exchange traded funds.

On the deal flow and exempt market dealer side we work with reputable issuers that are vetted through a due diligence process that encompasses site visits, internal audit and factual audit reporting on both the investor and issuers side.

We focus on both value based and growth portfolio investment projects to give our clients mutually beneficial returns with critical analytical research to back the decision making process. We have an internal research team and we travel to investment locations to understudy market trends first hand and work with expert professionals to validate investment data found on the prospectus and information memorandum. Some of our clients include, Governments, Insurance Companies and Mining and Utility Companies and High Net Worth Individuals (HNWI).

We are a boutique investment management firm, we work with reputable exchanges and consulting groups and our staff come with over 100 years of experience from international asset management backgrounds. Our team composition includes asset finance managers, investment fund managers, portfolio managers, financial analysts and business analysts alongside the operation and administration support and executive teams. If you're an impact investor who believes in economies of scale we want to talk to you.


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