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North American businesses along with African professionals have played a critical role as a driving force of globalization across our two continents promoting commerce, trade, learning and innovation. Yet despite this impressive track record of success, all too often investments in Africa have been regarded not as an opportunity but rather as a risky venture with little potential for return. Despite the on-going African Renaissance, opportunities are poorly understood, especially in North America, while other regions continue to reap enormous rewards. The consequences are apparent for all to see; growing inequality, short-term thinking, unsustainable business practices and brain drain.

The Members Circle is a unique opportunity for people who are serious about the business of Africa and ready to invest in its future. As a platform, the Member Circle creates a unique space for business professionals to gain knowledge and expertise on a host of innovative developments, facilitating communication, professional networking, learning and exchange of information. It enables dialogue between experts to create mutual trust and understanding in the realization of sustainable growth at the local, national and international levels. It provide a broad-range of dynamic, integrated, and evidence-based programs for professionals looking to maximize their impact as leaders in their respective sector through tailored solutions focusing on the 'how' of getting things done with cutting-edge contributions from leaders with proven track records.

To empower and engage african diaspora experts. Rallying diaspora Africa's to invest back home and be part of the African renaissance.

Benefits include:

 Annual Conference
 Opportunities to vetted deals, equities, commodities and futures.
 Enhance efficiencies in the use of local knowledge, reducing risks and strengthening application of cutting-edge technologies.
 Providing critical B2B connections with key industry contacts.
 Access to cutting-edge research and thinking and thought leaders.
 Expert job opportunities - Partnering though matching Investors with experts.
 Harnessing the complementary strengths of various partners to improve market strategies. We identify deal flow and experts that turnaround investment returns into value that goes beyond profits. Bridging the economic gap across Africa.
 Promoting best practices and the sharing of knowledge and lessons learnt while recognizing excellence through award programmes.

Membership Criteria:

 Internal and external References
 Proven track record
 Valid email not an alias
 LinkedIn profile

Key Activities:

 Meet up monthly meetings
 Access to industry research data 
 Deal flow and B2B Conversations 
 Expert job opportunities
 Matching Investors, Issuers and Experts
 Member peer to peer introductions

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